Los 50 – Capitulo 33 Completo Tele Mundo

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Los 50 – Capitulo 33 está disponible en HD Telemundos en vivo y se puede ver en línea.


Los 50

Los 50 is an American reality competition television series that premiered on Telemundo on July 18, 2023.[1] It is an adaptation of the French series Les Cinquante. The series follows a group of contestants living together and competing for the grand prize of US$350,000.

Fifty celebrities live together in a luxurious estate that is isolated from the outside world, as they compete in a series of elimination challenges until one of them wins up to US$350,000. The competition is under the command of a mysterious game master, El León (The Lion), with the help of his assistants: foxes, dogs and rabbits. The series allows viewers to have the opportunity to be part of the game and win cash prizes by supporting their favorite celebrity.

The Arena
In the Arena competition, celebrities compete in the Lion’s arena for their safety. Those who lose the competition will be nominated for elimination. This competition is physical in nature.

Safety Competition
In the Safety competition, the nominated celebrities compete for one last chance to save themselves from elimination. This competition is based on endurance or skill.

¿Vas o no vas?
¿Vas o no vas? (Are You In or Out?) is an individual competition allows the celebrities to win money for the grand prize jackpot. The competition is played in three stages of mental and physical challenges, with each stage having a reward. If the celebrities fail a challenge, the money offered is deducted from the jackpot. Three celebrities are handpicked to compete, each doing a different stage. The Lion chooses the celebrity that will compete in the first stage, while the second and third stage competitors are chosen by the celebrity that played the previous stage. A celebrity can refuse the invitation to compete and choose a replacement, however they will lose money from the jackpot.

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